The Premier Prospection Advantage

Premier people give added value
Our staff and Associates are vastly experienced in New Business and Marketing in general, most have a minimum of 5 years experience and have worked in-house for other organisations.

Database power
Our extensive database of approx. 30,000 up-to-date fully validated contacts across some 30 market sectors

Opportunity tracking
Our network of contacts enables us to know exactly what is happening with various key prospects in major market sectors when it comes to New Business Opportunities.

Ambulance chase
We are able to ‘AMBULANCE CHASE’ thus getting our clients onto pitch lists.

We specialise solely in New Business Development/Lead Generation rather than it being just one part of our core activity.

Hands on
Our personal approach to our clients involves greater liaison, with our consultants actually becoming part of the team or family. This enables the relationship to develop and ensures that the chemistry is right. If required, we will actually go into the client’s organisation to carry out various projects.

Consultancy approach
Because our emphasis is on consultancy rather than simple telemarketing / appointment making we are able to offer a service that is more personalised to the client’s needs.

W e are prepared to work in conjunction with other New Business organisations and take part in an active trial in direct competition to prove our mettle!