Welcome to Premier Prospection

Does your organisation have an ongoing need to win new business
but doesn’t always have a dedicated internal resource to allocate to
this crucial area?

Premier Prospection has been formed to bridge this gap and to provide
new business consultancy style rather than the more commonplace
telemarketing approach.

We are totally dedicated to helping you to maintain and sustain new
business development on an ongoing basis.

Check out our 5 stage alternative to New Business Development

Whilst nearly all organisations have a desire to grow, far too often the following issues prevent a constant ongoing new business development program:

  • the need to manage the existing business
  • find time to plan
  • find good new business staff needed to put these plans into effect?
  • defining clear business objectives including targets for sales volume
  • what if the organisation doens’t have a sales team?
  • who will deal with enquiries from potential new customers?
  • where will new customers come from?
  • how can a STOP/START or ON/OFF SCENARIO to new business development be avoided?

Premier Prospection is here to solve all of the above issues and to help your organisation generate new business without delay. Get in touch today to discuss further the benefits we can offer.

Looking for a job in new business development ? email: john.osborne@premierprospection.com